Sister Friends

Julie, Sarah and Linda - feathered and fancy!

Get comfy - this might be a long one!

So much happened this past week that I am torn between giving you the highlights all in one post, or splitting it over a few posts and going into details.  Let's see where this goes.

As some of you may have read, this past week (due to circumstances too numerous to mention) I had a full week of Julie Time that I got to share with my two best girl friends.  The highlight was a road trip on Thursday that included dinner, dancing and a stay in a hotel -- all of which were firsts for Yours Truly.  As I stated in my previous blog, I took absolutely NO boy clothes along on this trip -- not even jeans.  Now, not every day was filled with adventure and excitement - unless you count going to Jiffy Lube and chatting with the gal at the counter about where she got her cute shoes as an adventure (see Day 3) - but it was pretty much Julie 24/7, and to me that WAS excitement. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Day 1 Linda and I hit the rounds of Thrift Shops, because my somewhat limited wardrobe didn't include something pretty to sleep in.  So we found a couple of options before stopping for a bite to eat. 

The Best Part Of The Day - making my purchase at one shop, the young gal at the till was having a hard time making change for me. She needed smaller bills and the gal at the other till was helping, but when OUR gal hesitated in giving me $8 all in ones, Gal #2 replied, "Use ones, I'm sure she won't mind."  And you know what - I didn't mind.  Mostly because I was floating on a cloud over her ease in calling me "she".  It's the little things, isn't it?

The Thrift Shop where the Oh So Polite gals work.
Day 2 included lunch with Sarah at Applebee's.  Yes, Applebee's. A Mainstream Restaurant in the somewhat better part of town.  Linda and I met Sarah there as it is close to where Sarah works and she had meetings.  It was a later lunch, so not too many people were there, but the staff were very friendly to us.  The waitress even snapped this photo.

Fighting over the check
Linda and I met at her place later that evening to watch a movie - THE SHACK. (highly recommended)  Nothing exciting here, other than kicking off my platforms and watching my freshly painted toes wiggling on top of her coffee table as we sipped wine and enjoyed the film.

Glass of White, Glass of Red, and a good movie
Day 3 started out with a trip to get my oil changed.  Linda accompanied me to Jiffy Lube (I had a coupon) and she paid me the most wonderful compliment.  I stood there with the mechanic as he filled out all the papers and took my info and I told him I only wanted my oil changed so don't come in to tell me this or that filter needs replacing at only such and such a cost; after we went into the waiting room, Linda complimented me on my poise, stature and bearing.  She said that if I was at all nervous it didn't show.  That's when the gal came in to work the desk and I got up the nerve to ask where she got her shoes (pointed toe, strappy flats). She said Target, and I made a mental note to NOT go to Target today or else I'd spend money on shoes that I wanted to spend elsewhere.

Cool treat on a very hot Day 3

I'll call it quits here and pick up with Day 4 next time.  (Trust me, Day 4 needs an entry all it's own!)  

Until then, Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties.


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