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Although It's Been Said Many Times Many Ways . . .

  . . . Merry Christmas To You All, Sweeties!

Old Place, New Experiences

  The thing that keeps me going these past few years is my bi-annual business trip out of town.  I have been going to Chehalis WA (on average) twice a year for the past 15 years. The job has many pros and cons --  PRO - I get to play Radio again CON - 12 hour work days PRO - private hotel room for 4 days CON - work finishes at 7PM, most things in this town close at 8 PRO - Julie gets out every night This Autumnal Trip was more of the same, but then not really.  My new Sister Friend Theresa lived in Chehalis and told me of a location I had never visited before -- The Chehalis Friendship Fence ( Chehalis Friendship Fence | LCLG ) A rainy night, but you go when you can I couldn't get there before 8PM (and these days the sun goes down at 4) so the pics are dark. (The rain didn't help either) But it is an impressive sight - a bold statement of inclusion, especially in this conservative pocket of Western WA.   By far and away the highlight of this trip was the Gals of Applebee's