Old Place, New Experiences


The thing that keeps me going these past few years is my bi-annual business trip out of town.  I have been going to Chehalis WA (on average) twice a year for the past 15 years. The job has many pros and cons -- 

PRO - I get to play Radio again

CON - 12 hour work days

PRO - private hotel room for 4 days

CON - work finishes at 7PM, most things in this town close at 8

PRO - Julie gets out every night

This Autumnal Trip was more of the same, but then not really.  My new Sister Friend Theresa lived in Chehalis and told me of a location I had never visited before -- The Chehalis Friendship Fence (Chehalis Friendship Fence | LCLG)

A rainy night, but you go when you can

I couldn't get there before 8PM (and these days the sun goes down at 4) so the pics are dark. (The rain didn't help either) But it is an impressive sight - a bold statement of inclusion, especially in this conservative pocket of Western WA.  

By far and away the highlight of this trip was the Gals of Applebee's - the 3 bartenders Mikie, Nerissa and Nicole.  They have been a ray of sunshine to me the last few trips.  In a previous blog I raise the question of sending Nerissa a copy of the photo I took with her as a thank you note.  (https://juliemshaw.blogspot.com/2021/07/to-applebee-or-not-to-applebee.html) Well, I did. And this trip Mikie told me how much that photo meant to ALL the ladies!  They gushed over it, and Nerissa even cried a bit!  Wow. Night 2 Nerissa was working, and she gushed over the note, as well as shared current pics of Konner. I felt like a member of the family!

My Outfit for the Final Night In Town

On my last night there, I wore my "velvet" dress.  I had worn it on my pervious trip, but that was in mid-June and WAY too warm for this dress.  So here on Nov 11th I thought it would be perfect.  And it was - I even wore 2 pair of pantyhose (nude AND black) just in case.  And I was glad I did - it was CHILLY!!  

I had enjoyed my Chardonnay (as always) and mozarella sticks.  I was (reluctantly) ready to call it a night. Mikie was at the other end of the bar so I gave her the International Sign for "Check Please", and she looked at me and shook her head "No".  Whaaa???  She came up to me and said the Ladies decided this night was on them.  I teared up, and insisted on giving her a hug (and by proxy Nicole and Nerissa too).  I literally floated out of there that night.

Oh yeah - over the 4 days I managed to get out to a few other places too. 

Wal*Mart - should I go conservative or WILD??

Safeway has quite the selection

And to all a Good Night

Til next time -- Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


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