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New Clothes - Same Haunts

4 Days Of Julie (mostly) and it was the same old same old.  But ANY chance to get out and interact with folks while "pretty" is a thrill for your scribe.  So, lots of pics, very little story - but they say one picture IS worth a thousand words, so hold on to your garters, 'cause here we go! Outfit for Night One     In the last 12 months I have lost about 20 pounds, which means most of my wardrobe is in the donation bin.  But this little purple dress was too tight on me.  But NOW . . . !! I was absolutely thrilled to be able to wear it out, even if it was only to dinner by myself.   It was chilly, so I needed a wrap, unfortunately.  On this trip I DID learn that I no longer hesitate when needing to use the Ladies Room.  I now move boldly and quickly (depending on how much I've had to drink).   And I don't fear to  linger at the mirror and make sure my lips are just right. A nice glass of Chardonnay at Applebee's, watching folks