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Once More Into The Fray

Let's keep this one short and sweet - because that describes the wonderful walk I took last Sunday morning.  It's the little things that can bring the greatest pleasure - and this was the perfect example.  After many  months of isolation, The Sister Friends hit the trail once again!  Sarah, Linda and I got together for a morning walk around the neighborhood - chatting, catching up, laughing, and just plain enjoying each other once again.   Linda, Sarah and Julie On The Trail Masks On, Masks Off, Sister Time knows no bounds! We walked, sipped coffee, and talked and talked and talked! (something we have ALL been  missing since our last gathering back in . . . I don't even remember when!)  It ended all too soon - and like every good experience, just left us wanting more.   Usually I like to include pix of my outfit, but I neglected to get any full figure shots this day.  Just as well, I was wearing a T-shirt, leggings and sneakers - not my usual skirt and heels!  (We must blen

Out And About Once Again - Finally!

It has been FAR too long since Julie was actually Out and About.  So yesterday was SUCH a thrill on many levels.  My Dear Sister Friend, Sarah, offered to get together for a walk and coffee in the morning.  We both had masks, we were out in the open air, and we had such a WONDERFUL talk!   Sipping and chatting - but you can see our masks were present when not sipping It had been so long, we had a lot of catching up to do.  We spent 2 hours walking and talking and reveling in each other's presence.  I think we both needed the time together.  At one point, Sarah paid me a wonderful compliment and I surprised myself when I got rather emotional!  It has been a VERY long time. Later in the day, I did some shopping - for some necessities and some non-necessities.  :) Treating myself to some fun clothes Filling the pantry After returning home, I indulged in some photos for future "I Love Dressing" Memes. Lighting was poor Sank into the sofa! Until next time - Stay Safe And Prett