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There But For The Pandemic Go I

Twice a year I take a week long business trip out of town.  An on-air fund raising for a non-profit radio network. I stay at a very nice Holiday Inn (no, that's not a contradiction of terms) and my work schedule is usually 9 to 5.  I get to spend the rest of the time in Julie Mode, away from prying eyes.   So at about this time of year I'd be packing my size 9 1/2 pumps and heading West.  However, under the present circumstances, the job for the spring has been cancelled. I truly enjoy the work part of the trip, but I REALLY miss the evenings.  Going shopping at the many outlet stores in the area, taking in a movie, grabbing a bite to eat.  For a gal just wanting to get "Out And About", it's a wonderful week. Now I'll have to set my sights on this October and hope all this settles down by then.  But I surely do miss it. (sigh) Stay Safe HEALTHY and Pretty, Sweeties!