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The Ladies Who Brunch

"Here's to the Ladies who lunch . . . everybody rise!"  I am headed out of town for 2 months (actually, at this posting, I am already out of town) so we tried to have a Sister Friends get together before I hit the trail. Coordinating schedules proved to be difficult this time round, so instead of a night on the town, we did brunch. Now this wouldn't be such a big thing if it weren't for the fact that I've never gone out in a bunch during the daylight hours, let alone been in a restaurant while the sun is shining.  But they say there's safety in numbers, and I always feel safe with these ladies, so we went. The Ladies of Sister Friends - the number keeps growing! The hardest decision was - as usual - what to wear!  The week prior I had selected a number of outfits, narrowed it down to 3 by Friday night, and then finally selected one early Saturday morning.  I did feel slightly over dressed in hose and heels but I didn't care - I was very