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Walk A Mile In Her Maternity Panties

A while back, I had a conversation with a friend who at the time was about 7 months pregnant.  We talked about the usual point - how "men just don't understand what it takes to carry a baby".  The upshot -- I volunteered to be pregnant for a day to experience it.  Without going into the specifics of the "foundation garments", after just 30 minutes I was a pleasant 7 Months Underway.  I opted for a dress that was roomy (because I don't have any Maternity Wear in my closet!) and started my 24 hours. Right off the bat - sitting proved to be a problem.  Not so much the actual sitting as much as the getting down and back up again!  Especially without any help.  Trying to be lady like in a dress while maneuvering in and out of an easy chair was difficult as well, if not impossible.   Lots of pressure in places where I've never felt pressure before! For this reason, I decided that the dress was probably not the best choice and opted for a VERY stretchy pair of

I Love Dressing Meme Of The Day

A while ago I started a feature on my FB page -- the "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day.  I started collecting them from the Interwebs some time back, but then was challenged to create my own.  Finding photos that were appropriate for the captions was tricky, but I think I managed some successes. I'm always on the lookout for new material, captions, ideas to express in these memes.  So if you have any suggestions . . . ?? During these troubles times, my usual sign off seems more pressing than ever . . .  Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties