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Girls Just Wanna Go Shopping

  Every now and then, you get the uncontrollable desire to do something -- like shrug off all other responsibilities and just go shopping!  Just such a desire overcame me last Saturday morning.  So I bundled myself up cozy and got an early start. I needed an early start, because it took me quite a while to decide on an outfit for the morning. (everyone who is surprised by this, raise your manicured hand!)  My preference is (as always) skirt and hose, or on a chilly morning, tights.  But then my OTHER preference it to blend in - not look like a Guy In A Dress.  So I went with leggings and a pair of comfy kitten heeled boots. First Stop - the Bank! I was determined to ONLY shop for Julie this trip - so I wanted to hit my 2 favorite places. The first was Ross Dress For Less, where I found a bargain on the Clearance Rack. Normally $35, I got it for $7!! Next stop was Dress Barn -- but it was no more! Just an empty store, right next to Wal*Mart. So not wanting to waste a trip, I went in and