Let The Games Begin!

Due to many circumstances, I have the opportunity to live as Julie nearly 24/7 for the next 6 days.  This event has been in the planning stages for almost 3 months - and as usual, back then it looked like it would be 6 days of heavenly bliss.  But as it draws closer, some of the realities of life sneak in.  Like, I couldn't get out of work on Monday or Wednesday (late afternoon thru mid evening).  Like some friends (who don't know Julie) needing to use my kitchen for a video shoot for a few hours one day.  But I insist on looking on the bright side, and in spite of all the potential negativity,  I am not getting depressed, I am not feeling that cloud of despair hanging over my head.  Because the highlight of the week is still moving forward as planned - an overnight get away with my 2 Gal Pals.  This will be the FIRST time I go away overnight with NO boy clothes packed.  Nothing.  Nada.  Not even "Hanes Boyshort" panties!  We plan some shopping, some dancing, and lots of fun.  

One potential shopping outfit

A possible Lunch Date outfit
Leading up to the big day/night, there are planned lunches, shopping trips (of course) and lots of sharing with 2 people whom I care about and who have been very supportive to me.

Probably what I'll wear to the club for dancing

So, as stated in the title of this post -- LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties.


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