Look Who I Almost Bumped Into

I have been out the last 2 afternoon/evenings solo — visiting a local casino, a restaurant, and a few shops – and it got me thinking about past “Close Calls”. You know, those times when you were out dressed to the nines and saw a friend or work associate who doesn’t know about your “softer side”. I have faced that close call a few times, but it was usually with a Girl Friend or 2 by my side.

Grocery Stores are usually tricky places

The first time was at our local casino.  We were headed to the bar when one of the ladies with me (Sarah) stopped in her tracks and turned to me, blocking the aisle.  She had seen a couple we both knew and positioned herself between me and them until they passed. (Had they seen her, I’m sure they would have approached us, but thankfully they didn’t) 

"Galentines Day" 2017

The exact same incident took place at a restaurant, this time with 3 GF’s, and watchful Sarah stepped in and ran interference again. (She is SO protective of Julie!) 

Merry Crossdress!

The third was all me – Linda and I were at the grocery store buying a bottle of wine for the evening’s film fest when I spotted an office aquaintence down the aisle. I did a quick 180, grabbing Linda with me, and explained why we were taking a detour.

Oh, and I almost forgot two solo events – sitting in Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee facing the door when a “mild” business aquaintence entered.  She placed her order, glanced in my direction, got her drink and headed out. She either never saw me or it just didn’t register. But in EACH instance, my adrenaline spiked! The other was when I was out of town on business. I was working closely with 3 men daily, but Julie would get out in the evenings.  I was sitting at the bar at Applebee’s and one of the men came out of the restroom and was headed for the door- right past where I was sitting.  Couldn’t hide, couldn’t leave, I just pulled out my compact and studied my face in the mirror.  He walked by and never batted an eye.

It was probably my "expert" make up job

Do these events stop me from going out? Hell no! But they make me more aware of my surroundings, which isn’t a bad thing.

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


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