Three Sisters

Summer is coming.  For a cross dresser like myself, that means hot weather and uncomfortable clothes.  Uncomfortable in the sense that with all the padding and the tucking and the squeezing - my naturally high temp Mediterranean body can get very . . . "toasty" in climates over 72 degrees.  So, as we enter June, my chances to get out with my Sister Friends are becoming rare.  Today was a much needed excursion.

Due to work schedules (OK, due to the work schedule of the ONLY Sister Friend currently employed full time) we had to meet for coffee at O-Dark 30 in the blessed AM.  (OK, it was 7:30.  But when it takes you 25 to 30 minutes to get ready and another 15 to walk to the coffee shop -- that's early!)

There were never such devoted Sisters

Linda and I stepped up to the counter together and were greeted with "Good morning, Ladies" - whether they say it because that's how I'm presenting and they want to be polite, or because they genuinely see me as such, it's a greeting I never tire of hearing. We caught up on life - including Sarah's wedding plans for August (Squeee!!).  A good time was had by all - but it was over FAR to quickly.

Then it was home again and tending to the usual chores - laundry, making fresh bread, and the ever necessary cleaning.

Just because you're working in the kitchen doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best!

We will have more Sister Friends time at the end of June -- stay tuned for the report!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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