Experimenting with Fashion

When you have a question, the best way to find an answer is by using the Scientific Method  --  find a method and stick to it . . . um, scientifically.

(OK, it was a stretch but you're still reading!)

Speaking of "a stretch", I got a new dress -- a different style than I usually wear. (as Sarah put it - "a little more voluptuous vs your usually sweet/sassy") 

"Sassy" or "Voluptuous" - you choose

Now, I usually wear more flowing materials. But with this Body Con style, I need some, rather "industrial strength" foundation garments to keep everything in place.  In fact, I end up wearing more Spandex than the whole cast of A CHORUS LINE. (ba dum dum)

We're planning a night of dancing soon, and I wondered if this would be comfy by the end of the night.  So I decided to put it all on and spend 4 hours at home doing chores.

Cat Box needed tending - not something I plan to do on the dance floor.
Laundry can be a rather tame task, unless . . .

 . . . something gets caught in the back of the dryer! Thank Heavens for yoga.

After 4 hours of dishes, cooking, and all of the above, I found that the outfit is very comfy and easy to get around in.  I had been concerned about modesty and not "revealing" too much.  Turns out the material of the dress stays where you put it no matter what you do, which puts my mind at rest.  And so, regarding my decision about my dancing wardrobe . . . 


Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


  1. i think you will do all right by wearing that dress dancing the night away my sweet julie.you look so verry beautiful in that dress sweetheart

  2. Thanks Lynn - it was a lot of fun. And n ow that I've lost 15 pounds I feel more confident wearing it.


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