Scared Beyond Reason

OK - I'm home and safe, so I should relax before writing this.  But I can't wait.

I had perhaps the most frightening experience of my cross dressing life tonight on a simple walk around the block.

I was headed to the corner store for a Pepsi - a safe place, Julie has patronized that business a number of times. I snapped a photo on the way there . . . 

Artsy shot - thanks, Sarah!

After snapping a picture right in front of the shop . . . 

 I was spoken to by a man passing on his bike. "Nice picture", he said.  I replied "Thank you" as he passed.  I then heard from behind me "What the f*ck?"  He turned around and started following me.  I by passed the store and tried to make a bee line for home (without breaking into a run).  As I approached the corner (which would put me 1/2 a block from my front door) a car pulls up to the curb right in front of me and a young man steps out.  Then I notice another young man leaning on the car already parked there to my right, and 2 more crossing the street towards us.  Oh, and Mr Bicycle is still right behind me, muttering things like, "That's some messed up sh*t, man."

I ignored my instinct to cross the street away from the crowd right there, because that would head me AWAY from home, as well as open me up to Mr Bicycle. So I took the corner in the midst of these youths and kept on walking.  They paid me no mind - even Mr Bicycle seemed to give up after that.  When I got to my front porch, I had to document my safe arrival.

Can you see the fear in my eyes???

I don't mind telling you - that was a scary walk around the block.  But it SHOULDN'T be!  And that's what scares me the most.

PLEASE -- stay SAFE and pretty, Sweeties.


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