A Full Week Makes A Gal Weak

Well, as promised, here's the rest of my Week Of Julie.  "What's that", you say. "How does Sunday get it's own entry and the rest of the week has to share?"

Believe me, Sunday was a jam packed romp in the world of excitement all by itself. (if you don't believe me, read my previous blog entry -  http://juliemshaw.blogspot.com/2018/07/girls-day-in-and-out-and-all-about.html)

So - let's recap the week!!

 Monday -- well, I needed to recover from Sunday. Moving on!

Tuesday -- Treated my dear Sister Friend Linda to a movie and afternoon out. (JURASSIC WORLD - FALLEN KINGDOM.  Highly recommended) I did break one of my ground rules and didn't take photos, so I have no real proof, other than the word of a Lady (and one stray photo of yours truly at yet another Walmart). But we did have fun - and we got "Ma'am"-ed a number of times.

Wednesday -- ventured downtown and ran into a situation.  But if my Dear Sisters have taught me nothing else, it's that old adage "When you gotta go - go with confidence!"  

In the high class hotel district

I had to use the little girl's room, so I stopped in at the Davenport Hotel - very classy joint.

The gates were unlocked, so I ventured into the lobby and received a few nice smiles. Got to the Ladies Room and . . .  WOW - talk about classy.  Each stall was actually a full and separate room!  Lots of privacy - as well as lots of room. I mean, a family of three would survive nicely in this space.

Anyway - took care of business and went on my way for more shopping, and eventually (after changing outfits, because - - - well I mean, Really!) to grab a snack.

Coffee and Banana Cream pie at Shari's

It was such a fun week, my only regret was that, being the only one in my circle of friends that is unemployed, I couldn't share more time with the Ladies.  But on Friday, Miss Julie's circle of friends grew by 2 more! More on THAT development later.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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