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Your Reporter Is Ready And Waiting

I've been inspired by some conversations IRL about "Who is Julie" and "Why is Julie". So I thought I'd open up the floor to questions.  Feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I promise I'll give honest answers (as long as I don't incriminate anyone!)(😁)  Ask in the comments below, or by email ( and I will respond in kind.

NO topics will be tabled - just the author!

Let the interrogation begin!  Oh yeah - and Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


  1. Do you have any preferences for what state of dress or undress you are seen in and for the gender association(s) (if any) of the people who see you dresses (or undressed) and how many of them there are?
    I am asking because even though many years ago I primarily ventured out in full drag, often in the company of lesbians, but what I love the feelings and looks of the most were how I looked and felt while wearing ladies nylon panties.
    When a woman I dated saw that I was wearing panties she asked me: 'What good is it if nobody sees them?' As the waves of realisation, fear, excitement, apprehension and fulfilment swept over me I knew that this was my fate: I am destined to become increasingly and eternally famous for having repeatedly put the backside of my panties on display for the entire world to see --->
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  2. Hello, Sweetie.
    I prefer to present in public fully dressed. What I am wearing under my skirt is for me and the Mrs. 😁🥰


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