Hitting The Town! (Night 2 - The Persecution)

Persecution: a program or campaign to drive away or subjugate people based on their religious, social, or ethnic group - Webster
(Which is often in the eye of the beholder - Julie)

As I prepared to go out on night two of my out of town excursion, I decided to wear one of the items I picked up yesterday at the Hanes/Bali Outlet Store.  They had a clearance rack that was an eclectic mix of lingerie and active wear, and after scouring it carefully I found a pair of leggings in my size AND a fun color.

More fun than Basic Black

I had a later start this evening due to working until 7, which meant my options for location were few.  I was peckish, so I went to my stand by spot, Denny's.  The Waitress, Christine, greeted me warmly and seated me.  She was smiling and friendly -- but I wondered about her choice of location.

A little empty, eh?

The other side of the restaurant was not packed, but had a few folk who seemed like regulars.  I immediately wondered about her choice, but should have recognized my feelings as just paranoid rantings.  When Christine returned with my coffee I asked about her seating me there.  She told me it was her section, and since she had just come on duty it was empty.  She then apologized for making me feel like it was otherwise.  I felt bad -- VERY bad -- about accusing her of anything else.  I apologized deeply (a number of times, as well as left her a HUGE tip) but couldn't forgive myself for how I made her feel. ~~sigh~~  

I tried to cheer myself up by shopping, but again the options in this small community after 8:30PM were limited.  So it was off to Walmart where I found another Clearance Bin Sale.  I picked up a cute bra for only $3!! (it fit and everything, too)  The lady at the checkout complimented me on finding such a deal.

Returning to the hotel, bra in hand!

Even with that positive experience - both the bargain AND the Check Out Lady's jovial and friendly attitude -  I felt like I had to end this night. So it was off to bed.

Nighty night!

Tomorrow is another day - and it was a nice one, too.  Next time, Night 3 - Uneventful Events.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


  1. i enjoy reading your blog and your being out as your true self and enjoyong being julie. love you


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