Just Trying To Keep Up Appearances

I know writing a blog is a discipline - something I need a LOT of help with.  So, even if there has been nothing earth shakingly important to report, I plan to write something at least once a week just to keep my hand in.  So . . . . . here goes.

I had some good "me time" this past week, mostly around the house.  Cooking, cleaning, pulling weeds, and like that. It taught me one major lesson -- I can enjoy being en femme in leggings or shorts almost as much as in skirts and heels!  This is something I never would have thought possible a year or so ago, but recent experiences (and influence from my Sisters) has shown me that it's how you feel inside that counts, and since my desire is to walk down the street without people saying, "Hey, that guy is wearing a dress" - the more I can blend in, the better.
How I USED to dress for house cleaning - pearls, 5" heels and all!

  But now . . . 

I'm VERY comfy like this!

Which just goes to show, be comfortable in your own skin - THAT is what is most important.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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