Spring Has Sprung

The first day of Spring has arrived - and the weather is cooperating beautifully.  The temptation was far too great to spend the day indoors, so I hit the dusty trail. (well, the muddy, somewhat melted trail, anyway)

Dressed for the cooler morning, a song in my heart and in my ear buds

There's a nice hiking trail fairly close to my house, so I ventured out to commune with nature (and commune with the soundtrack to Disney's BABES IN TOYLAND)

The sun was bright, as was my attitude

I passed a few joggers and fellow hikers along the way.  Nothing earth shaking, but smiles and head nods were exchanged.  As usual, when I got to the end of the trail I didn't want it to end.  So I took the round about way home and stopped off at a convenience store to pick up a snack.  A store that just happens to be across the street from some dear friends.

Looks like Henry's home - maybe I should knock! (store in the background)

 After an hour and a half, the temp was going up - naturally AND from all the walking - so I headed home.  Another day of quality Julie Time in the books.  Next time out it will not be solo - I have a Thrift Shopping date with Linda next week! (Squeee!!)

 Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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