Who Are You Wearing?

Feel like a woman. Wear a dress! – Diane von Furstenberg

The question came up the other day -- why do you always wear skirts and not nice slacks or jeans?  Let's examine the answers.

I enjoy wearing clothing designated as "women's" or "feminine" for many reasons -- the variety they offer in colors and fabrics, the desire to look pretty, the comfort and relaxation I feel when dressed.  Now, if I was able to walk out my front door simply in a dress and pumps, I would adore it.  But to avoid stares, taunts and possible harm, I add a wig, make up, and "body shaping" foundation garments.  Presenting as a woman (or "passing") makes me feel more comfortable when out, hoping that I can avoid any unwanted confrontations. (and yes, it doesn't always work, but it sure cuts down on the incidents)

Ready to hit the town

As a result, dresses and skirts help me feel more female than pants.  I can walk out the door in jeans and a t-shirt ANY day, but not in a nice knee length A-line skirt and a floral print blouse.  So (as I stated in a previous blog. "Wearing The Bra") I will gladly take the opportunity to venture out looking as much like a lady as I can, even if no one else is.

Now, I DO own a pair of leggings (as well as jeans) and have only VERY recently gone out wearing them.  It was comfy, a nice change, but I still prefer skirts.  My upcoming summer outing may well include some cute shorts, but I'm sure that dresses/skirts will dominate the wardrobe.

Leggings ARE comfy, though

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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