Mood Swings and Friendships

I know this about myself - I have a bad habit of getting myself excited about an event that is just being discussed in the EARLIEST of planning stages. Then, when the plan changes, or looks like it won't be feasible to actually do it, I get all depressed about a "missed opportunity".  This happened to me this past week.

My previous post discussed a POSSIBLE trip to Leavenworth, WA with the girls.  I failed to factor in the truth that not EVERYONE has a totally open and flexible schedule like I do.  When this became evident, I got depressed.  I then made the grave mistake of expressing my disappointment on Facebook in a rather cryptic way.

My dear, DEAR friends Sarah and Linda immediately jumped in to put out the fire.  They were supportive, loving, and right there with options to fix it.  Our Week Of Fun will still happen, just with a different plan of attack.  Julie is now a happy girl again, and a very appreciative one.  Friends - true, supportive, loving friends - are a Godsend.  I don't know how I've managed to survive up to now without them.

Happy Girl!

Looking forward to fun and adventure this summer with The Girls!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties.


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