Vintage, Thrift, and Great Conversation

Experienced a wonderful day out with Linda today -- we made an afternoon of it.  She picked me up and off we went to the local thrift shops.  I found a VERY cute white dress, a comfy and stretchy material, but it was a tad small.  "Tad"??  I now know how a sausage feels.  I almost had to ask Linda to come help me get out of it! Ah, the curse of being a curvy lady.

Linda found a cute skirt and top to go with it.  We then tried on a couple dozen pair of shoes, but as it was with the clothes, I found nothing that fit.  Some wild styles, but I came up bupkis.

Saw a pair similar to these, labeled 9 1/2 W.  That's my size -- but they were NOT 9 1/2 W. Drat!

So on we went on to our next stop -- a new Vintage Clothing and Accessories Store in my neighborhood.  They have clothes at somewhat reasonable prices, as well as knick knacks and stuff.  Linda found a sun dress for $9, but wanted to try it on.  They have no dressing rooms and "all sales are final".  ~~~sigh~~~  Since she was wearing a track suit with a tank top, I suggested she simply remove her jacket and slip the dress on right there in the store. Good thing she did, because it didn't really fit well, so she saved $9.

We then tried to drop in on Sarah at her job for a late lunch, but she was catching up on work after being out of the country for over a week (life's rough!) so Linda and I noshed at that fine dining establishment, "Jacques Dans La Boîte".  We chatted for nearly an hour and got even closer than we had been.

Home again home again, sadly saying farewell to a pleasant afternoon of girl time.  Until our next adventure, Linda!

Me and Linda from an earlier outing.  Neither of us took a single photo all afternoon! Is that allowed???

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


  1. Thinking back - I should have picked up those black boots with the 3" heel. Oh well.


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