All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

Basic Black - always a hit

Seems like I have been falling into a rut -- the rut of getting all dressed up first thing in the morning and then not having any where to go.  Most days I am without a vehicle.  Not really a deterrent to going out - I have a bus pass that will get me almost anywhere in our lovely town.

Me on a previous outing - waiting for the aforementioned bus

But travel by bus requires planning and a time commitment. When driving to the local Value Village, for example, it takes me 5 minutes.  To get there by bus would require walking, bus, change bus, and more walking -- about 25 minutes. Not to mention I must go when the bus is running, not whenever I feel like it.

The other difficulty comes when I realize I will be venturing out alone.  Now, I've done it before, and will probably do it again and again.  But having someone to chat with, to see if that top REALLY goes with that skirt, to dish the dirt about 3rd and 4th parties (not that I would EVER do that!) - this is what is missing.  I have had a couple of trips with some gal pals and they simply make me hungry for more.  But with no companions, I would make up reasons to walk down to the corner grocery store.  But that shop is currently being renovated!  There is another shop a tad further away, but the neighborhood changes rather drastically in that direction and I have never gone in there and I'm not sure what type of reception I'll get, etc etc etc.  You know, the usual fears a girl like me can drum up to keep her in the house.

So here I sit at my keyboard, trying to convince myself to get off my newly enhanced behind and go out.

We'll see what becomes of the day

Until next time - stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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