June Is Approaching, When A Girl's Fancy Turns To Tule and Lace

Princess Grace -- classy

Just a quick few thoughts.  In today's paper there was an interesting feature about the Bridal Show in NYC, complete with photos and commentary  Call me old fashioned, call me a traditionalist, but when I think Bridal Gown, I think Princess Grace.  Classic lines, beautiful detail - the epitome of style, and I would ADORE the chance to wear it.

This was the front page featured design. To me, it looks rather casual for a bride - more Prom than Wedding - and I must say I'm not a fan of the black trim and shoes.  I guess I'm just an old lady when it comes to wedding gowns - but being old fashioned isn't always a bad thing.  I'm sure others must agree with me, and it seems that at least one other does . . . 

By the way - I wear a size 16-18, just in case anyone wants to surprise me with the Princess Grace dress for my birthday.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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