Once More Into The Neighborhood

Chilly morning - gloves to keep warm and hide the lack of manicure

Looking head, I see there will be few more opportunities to get out until mid July, so I took a walk today.  It was rather chilly, with a bit of wind blowing. So I ventured out into the neighborhood again, aiming at the grocery store a few blocks away.

On The Porch and Ready To Go

I planned to stop at the shop, but by the time I got there, a number of young men were hanging around the front of the store. I didn't want to risk it (yes, I chickened out), so I turned the corner and explored a part of the neighborhood I hadn't seen.  I ventured down to a pretty overlook that went down into the valley, and I discovered landmarks I didn't know were there.

Should I try this church on Sunday morning?
I was able to chat with a workman putting a roof on the house 3 doors down.  Nothing exciting, and for that I was grateful.  Still, I need to push the boundaries a bit. Oh well, maybe next trip.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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