Taking The Next Step

In all my years of being Julie I have had many "firsts"

*The first time I went out of the house (I think I was 17 - it was SO long ago I really can't remember - and it was a quick walk around the block. Short, but exciting.)
*The first time I bought a dress (Thrift shops are GREAT! And I learned that they are just interested in making a sale, not in judging you.)
*The first time I interacted with anyone in public (I was walking around the neighborhood, granted it was rather late at night, when a police car pulled up to me and asked "Ma'am, are you alright?" YIKES!  I said, "Yes, just walking home." and he drove on.  Whew!)

I could go on, but I won't. (giggle)

And now I am planning another - my first weekend getaway with the girls!  We are looking to take an overnight trip to Leavenworth WA (the "we" being myself, and my two besties, Sarah and Linda).  This will be the first time I have ever gone anywhere for an extended period of time without any "boy clothes", and I must admit that prospect is starting to thrill and scare me.  In my early days of going out, I would even toss boy jeans, a t-shirt and boy sneakers in the back of the car -- just in case.  But this trip I will leave all that behind.  Well, maybe I will bring one pair of jeans -- but JMS jeans, with pretty designs on the back pockets!  

We still have some minor details to settle - like trying to work out the dates, be sure we can get a hotel - and THEN I can concentrate on the really important stuff.  WHAT TO WEAR!!

Now, if you haven't heard,  Leavenworth is a Tourist Town. Lots of walking and shopping and eating. So I have to select clothes that fit the 3 C's -  cute, comfy and "cover a lot".

Probably a good choice for walking around town - 
 - but I adore skirts!

Let's get out those calendars, ladies. I can't wait!!!!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties.


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