Another Week - New Adventures

Got to spend a week out of town on a job - again. Same little town in Eastern WA, same limited opportunities to get out while dressed, but 2 wonderful events helped set this trip apart from all previous ones.

My work day ended by 7PM at the latest - sometimes earlier.  There are only 2 places to go in Chehalis "after hours" -- Denny's and Applebee's.   Tonight I felt like a glass of wine, so . . . 

I approached the bar section, which is what I usually do here since interaction with civilians increases when sitting at the bar than in a booth.  I no sooner planted my butt on the stool when I saw a man emerge from the restroom.  A man that I had been working with most of the day! (full disclosure - my job this week has been in male mode and no one involved with it knows of my "after hours" hobby) All it took was looking thru my purse to keep my face slightly hidden from him, and he passed by me without a second look.  Which made me feel both relieved and slighted!  Wasn't I pretty enough for him to notice?  (giggle)  Anyway, he was on his way out, so once he passed me, the tension lessened.

My outfit for the evening, snapped while on a potty break. Do the nude pumps work with this dress?

There was an older gentleman seated 2 stools over from me.  He was friendly, outgoing, and seemed a little lonely.  He was chatting up the bartender gal, and made a comment about the baseball game on the TV.  I responded, and then we chatted for a bit.  He was traveling thru town and I felt he was just looking for some conversation.  After I ordered (Chardonnay and Mozzarella Sticks!) we continued to talk.  He complimented me on my dress, saying purple was a great color on me. (I agreed - do you?)  

It was all very pleasant, even when a trio of 20-somethings sat down about 2 stools on his other side. (We were at the "horseshoe" end of the bar, with him on the curve, so this put them right across from me).  They added a comment or two to our discussion, and I noticed one of the girls looking at me with some curiosity.  Since I was done, I took that as my cue to pay my bill and visit the Ladies Room. (See above photo)  When I returned, I wished the gentleman a pleasant rest of his evening, giving him a gentle touch on his arm.  He asked if it would be alright to give me a hug.  My "Um, sure" was hardly out of my mouth before he was up off his stool and gave me a warm, tender, bear hug!  He then thanked me (again!) for talking with him, and sent me on my way with "You be careful out there, Pretty Lady." (~~~ schmeep! ~~~)

To say I floated back to my car would be an understatement.  

I stopped at Wal-mart (the only OTHER thing still open) to pick up a thing or 2, then back to the hotel.

. . . and to all a Good Night

 More coming soon.  Stay Safe and Pretty, Sweeties!


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