Getting Out Is Hard - But Satisfying

An unexpected opportunity recently popped up - a chance to go out after work!  Granted, our community has been fluctuating between Phase 2 and 3 for a while now, so it was difficult to find something to do.   With many places working on "modified hours" I had a hard time deciding what to do that would still be open.  Especially since I get off work at 5:30, home by 5:45, and not dressed and ready to go until 7.  That eliminated the mall, but selected stores and SOME dining places were available.  

After filling up the tank, I headed up to Target to check out cami tops (found nothing) but did come across a cute bra on the clearance rack.  Which was fortuitous since I had decided to wear my long line bra this evening, and by the time I left Target it was binding and too hot!  So I did what any resourceful gal would do - I climbed into the back of my van and changed bras!

Feeling SO much more comfy

Then it was Applebee's - I figured since it is my Go To place when out of town, why not try it when on my home turf.  After a glass of chardonnay and some mozzarella sticks, I headed to the 24 hour grocery for a few essentials. Even at the late hours, you meet a lot of folks at WinCo.  Plus, the manager of this one is a friend who doesn't know about Julie, so there is an element of Shop And Not Be Seen involved!  Then I was homeward bound.  

Not too exciting an outing, but these days we have to take 'em where we find 'em.

My new Favorite Selfie

So until next time -- whenever THAT may be -- Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!  😘


  1. plenty of things for a girl to do, isn't there?

    1. Well, yes and no. These days, there's not much.
      Thanks for reading, though, Sweetie.


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