Looky What I Found!


So, I was digging through some old boxes and envelopes and I discovered 2 Photo CDs from many years back.  It looks like they are my first few times on my "annual business trip" I talked about in a previous post.  


These were from 2004 - the first recorded images of Julie Out Of Town.  I don't recall getting up the gumption to leave the motel room, though.

And these are labeled 2006 - probably my 3rd trip.  And I know I did get out this time.  Maybe it was the new glasses that gave me the confidence. (giggle) And I know I've said this before - I REALLY miss that red dress!  So soft and comfy. (sigh)

So over the years I know many things have changed - my make up skills improved, and my hair style changed a number of times - but the thrill of going out is STILL as exciting as it always has been

Stay Safe and Pretty, Sweeties


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