You Can't Have Too Many Friends


As my Great Aunt Mae used to say, "You can't have too many friends, unless they all want to borrow money."

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience - added a new friend to Julie's Circle, a wonderful brunch, AND road tested a new hair style.

My dearest BFF Sarah has been after me to add new Sisters to our Sister Friends. She suggested a lovely lady (who is friends with my male side) and after MUCH consideration I finally agreed to the meeting.  While getting ready I had to use my "back up hair". (Long story - maybe for another Blog Post)

Deciding on wardrobe is ALWAYS a chore, especially when balancing between making a good first impression and dressing for the weather.  It was a cool and rainy morning, and since I wanted to wear my denim skirt I broke out the tights.

I met Sarah at the restaurant and then we greeted new Sister Friend Theresa.  

Theresa, Me and Sarah

She was so supportive and wonderful and (no surprise) caring. We ate, talked, I answered all her questions, and in general it was a delightful morning.  We took a stroll around the neighborhood after and stopped for a coffee.

The moral of the story - my Great Aunt Mae was right! Here's to new friends, new experiences, and new adventures!

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties.


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