Here's To The Ladies Who Dine

I recently went to dinner with a new Sister Friend, Theresa. It was our first Girls Night with just the 2 of us, and it was SO much fun. She has been a friend for a few years to my guy side, but was recently introduced to Julie. 

The first "fun" part of the evening was Getting Ready. I work (in guy mode) until 5:30pm and we had wanted to get an early start, so I packed a ”Julie Bag” and brought it to the office. We have a gym in the building, so I dropped the bag off in a locker when I arrived in the morning. Now, I had to get changed in the Men’s Locker Room (at 5:30 there are still quite a few folks wandering the halls and our office is RIGHT next to the Women's Locker Room/Restroom). So after work I ventured into the Men's, got my bag and went into one of the private shower rooms. We had decided on casual attire (even though I REALLY prefer skirts and dresses) so I was in leggings, a dusty rose t-shirt top, and a maroon duster. (pantyhose and booties, too) After I was all dolled up – full make up and everything – I had to sneak out of the locker room into the gym itself. Easy enough, Friday at 6:00 most guys are on their way home - or wherever. I had selected the shower room right next to the door into the gym, too. From there, it was a short step to the elevators to go down to my car.

Our building has a bank of 4 elevators, and when you push the button you never know which one will open up for you.  As I heard the "Ding" and the door opened – there was a gal from my office! Thankfully I was not standing right in front of that door, it was the furthest one away from where I was standing. But I heard her voice loud and clear. I turned away and started walking down the hallway until her elevator door closed and started down. I pushed the button again and prayed the next car would be empty — and it was! Out the building without an incident, the perfect start to a very fun evening.

We had a wonderful time – nice dinner and LOTS of talk. She had a few questions about me and Me, and they were all genuine efforts to get to know and understand where Julie is coming from. Some of the questions were new to me – I actually had to stop and think about a few answers. Like, "Why doesn't (my guy name) just wear a dress - why create Julie?" Yikes! Talk about a therapy session.  But it was wonderful.

Hopefully Theresa and I will have more experiences like this, hopefully with other members of the Sister Friends Club, too.


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