On The Bar Stool Again, Gee It's Great To Be On The Bar Stool Again


What's harder than typing with long nails? Keeping Impress Press-On Nails on your thumbs!

I have been impressed with the press on nails from Impress. (rightly so, you'd think) In all the years I have been wearing them (7? 10? 13?) I have only ever had one drop off.  One. O-N-E! Until this week.  

The difficult thing about these (and ANY) press on's is the thumbs.  Male thumbs are bigger than female, so they don't offer nails that actually fit my gargantuan thumbs.  In a pack of 30 there are usually 2 that work, another 2 that MIGHT work, and that's it.  Well, this past week I was out on Monday night after work and by 9PM I had managed to lose both thumb nails.  Both. B-O-T-H! Thankfully I wasn't trying to impress (there it is again) anyone, and Mikie the Bartender was very kind about it.  She is one of three bartenders at the Applebee's in Chehalis WA that have welcomed me with open arms on my last 3 trips to this tiny town. (more info about these trips can be found in the blog post "To Applebee, or NOT to Applebee")

I will pen my adventures from this recent trip, but not right now. Don't get your pantyhose in a bunch now! Suffice to say I'm taking a moment to vent here, and when I have more time I'll give you the full account of my travels.  Until then . . . 

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties. 


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