Once More Unto The Mall


After WAAAYYYYY too long, Julie finally got to see the light of day again.  Thanks to dear Sister Friend Theresa, it was an outing that was all inside but nearly included an out-ing.  Details . . . 

Theresa asked me to go along with her as she was buying new make-up.  Having never experienced the joys of Sephora - and having been inside for the past 4 weeks or so - I jumped at the chance.  I got ready in my best "blend in with the soccer Moms" outfit.

Let's hit the Mall!

Trying to be prepared for whatever, I wore tights under the leggings in an attempt to stay warm.  And it's a good thing I did because I didn't realize how THIN these leggings are, and with our recent "near single digit temps" it was VERY helpful. Between that and my kitten heel booties, I was ready for the snowy streets.

I met her at our large Downtown Mall. She had been there a while doing some other shopping and I caught her as she was finishing her lunch.  So after chatting in the food court for a few, we headed off to Sephora.

The woman who greeted us at the door was VERY helpful. Theresa told her what she was looking for, and we were set up with a Personal Shopper to help out.  As the young lady approached us, I thought, "Wow, she looks VERY familiar."  And that's because she was!  She is the daughter of a family in my church.  When I worked with the Youth Church years back, (in Male Mode, of course) she was in the youth group and helped out with the tech stuff I worked with.  Granted I have not seen her in the past 6 or so years, but I knew it was her because she has a VERY distinctive name - "Jadestyn".  We were all wearing masks, but the more she spoke with Theresa the more I knew it was indeed her.  She didn't give any signs of recognizing me, so I chose to stay somewhat silent.  Theresa was asking me my opinion of some colors and types of make-up and I tried to respond as quickly and brief as possible.  After what felt like 3 hours but was probably 20 minutes, Jadestyn left us at the counter to check on something, and I quickly told Theresa what was going on.  She understood and was VERY supportive.  After she bought her choices, I thanked her for being such a friend by treating her to some Ben and Jerry's. (completely selfish on my part - I NEEDED it to calm my nerves!)(😋)

Still, it was a wonderful time, Theresa and I shared some lovely conversation, and Julie got to stretch her "L'eggs" again.  Now if I can keep doing this on a regular basis again . . . 

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties 😘


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