Let's Do The Time Warp -- for the first time

Watch what you say - someone might hold you to it! It was brought to my attention that a local theater will be doing a production of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW this October. My Dear Sister Friend Sarah - always one to challenge me to step out more - suggested we attend. Talk about a "What Ever Will I Wear" situation!
Do I go with lingerie, or with a maid outfit? (this photo is from MANY years - as well as a few pounds - ago, so please excuse the make up!)(giggle)
I have a few months to decide, but I think (I said "I THINK") I am going to accept her challenge, yet again! She has broadened (no pun intended) my experiences and boundries over the past almost 10 years, so why should I stop now?
As always -- Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


  1. Or I could play it safe and go as Janet. YOUR opinions???


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