Pardon Me While I Boast

As many of you know, I post a daily meme on my Facebook page called The "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day. These are randomly selected in a rotation of over 130 (wow!) and occasionally the Godess of Serendipity steps in and aligns things just right. Like Today, for instance. Today's meme was . . .
Well, Yesterday I met up with a local Sister for the first time. We had been planning this meeting for about 2 weeks and finally got a date and time selected. I was SO excited about it, and of course spent QUITE a lot of time selecting my outfit. She was attending the coffee date in drab due to her schedule for the day, but I wanted to make an impression. Since it was Sunday morning I went with a "I'm on my way to church" ensemble. I even put on pantyhose - in spite of the predicted 90+ degree temps!
We met at a Starbucks and after a while we went to a nearby park to continue our conversation. It was a very pleasant get together, and it was the first time Julie was meeting "a guy" for coffee. Before we parted, I asked her to snap a photo of me.
As I look at this picture - a pretty lady perched on a picnic table in the park on a beautiful morning - I can see the peace, joy and contentment shining from her. This experience has convinced me of two things. 1) As much as I enjoy my Julie Time, I do not want to transition. I am happy as a MTF Hetero Crossdresser. 2) I NEED to spend more time being Pretty!
Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


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