Fitting A Whole Week Into One Post

 I did my bi-annual business trip across the state for a week of daytime work and nighttime fun!  The weather co-operated (chilly) so I could wear my favorite dress.

I managed to get out a few nights to my usual watering hole - Applebee's. The ladies behind the bar are ALWAYS welcoming. In fact, I no sooner sat down the first night when Narissa came up to me and shared photos of her son (now 4 years old!) 

Next night I did more of the same.

And then -- ooops, I did it again! But a bit more casual this evening.

It's always both an enjoyable and frustrating time - enjoyable for obvious reasons, and frustrating because I'm all alone.  (sigh) Maybe next time . . . 

Until next entry - as always - Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!



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