Time Is Running Out!


OK, that title was a tad melodramatic --- but I just noticed that I haven't posted a new article the entire month of March!  So, in order to rectify that heinous oversight . . . 

It's been an interesting month. I found out my job is ending as of March 29th. No full time employment. Same bills to pay but no income. And what is the biggest concern on my mind right now? Having to find a new place to change into Julie Mode!

In The Lobby

My SO knows of Julie but would rather not be involved, and our son still lives at home with us, so I need a "changing place" outside the home. My office building provided the perfect location, especially on the weekend. A fitness center with shower rooms and lockers.  I could walk into the building as him and walk out as her.

With a beautiful view of downtown

Access to the building and the upper floors requires a code, and once my employment is terminated I will no longer have a code. What's a girl to do? Honestly though, once I get a new job lined up I'm sure another opportunity will present itself.

So why all this fuss? I just needed a topic for this post before time ran out! 😘

I'll keep you posted on my progress - but until then . . . . 

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


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