3 Days Out - Heavenly!

They said it couldn't be done . . . they said it should never have been attempted . . . they should keep their big mouths shut!

Let's cover a marvelous 3 day weekend of Julie in one blog post.  Hold onto your girdles, ladies -- here we go! 

Saturday night - The Sister Friends hit the town for dinner and drinks.  We added a new "member" (Welcome To The Sister Friends, Christy!) as well as knocked an item of Julie's Bucket List!

Sarah, Julie, Linda, and Christy can all fit into a Size 372 Pump!

Since this has been on  my list for almost 5 years, our Staff Photographer (Sarah) insisted on a solo shot, too.

Dinner was lovely, and followed by drinks at a martini bar made for a delightful evening with Friends.

Sunday - I invited a NEW friend to lunch (Hi Kendra!) along with her spouse. In the interest of privacy we put the cameras away during the meal - but . . . . 


I just HAD to snap a few of the proud hostess and the pretty table she set!

Delightful dinner - great conversation - and Kendra got to go out during the day.  Win Win!

That evening, Linda and I headed downtown for a treat -- ice cream at Ben and Jerry's!!

Due to bus schedules, it had to be an early evening.  But it was - as always - an enjoyable one.

Monday - Errands.  On the bus . . . 

. . . at the bank . . . 

 . . . to Starbucks . . . 

 . . . all the while having the feeling that I was being followed.

 AFTER THOUGHTS -- as always, 3 days "out" made the next 5 days "in" feel very confining.  Even if I could still dress, it's not the same as being out with friends.  Ah well, baby steps must precede full trot.

My outfit from Saturday night.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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